"Engineers in the recording studios and live are blown away.  For the fist time ever I am recording piano tracks at home and clients are thrilled with the sound.

The combination of The RAVENSCROFT 275 sample and the amazing RAVENWORKS controller has made me love the piano all over again!  I never thought I would find myself so inspired to play classical music on a digital instrument.

I am using it in the studio and live for Country, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, you name it.  If you are tired of digital pianos that sound “pretty good and feel OK”, you owe it to yourself to check this set-up out. It is SERIOUS no matter what your style."


“To create an amazing piano plug-in, you must start with an amazing piano. The Ravenscroft Plug-in perfectly emulates the AMAZING RAVENSCROFT PIANO. It’s Love! You’ll want to play forever.”

"My relationship with the acoustic piano is at the root of any music I make, so it is only natural for me to be dedicated and passionate to a piano sound sophisticated enough to voice my creative emotions through music that can be gentle on one end and fierce on the other.

In my production studio I utilize the Ravenscroft 275 acoustic grand, digitally sampled and voiced by VI Labs Audio, and the custom Ravenworks Modified Piano Controller.

The sound of the Ravenscroft 275 VI meets any demand I place on the piano “head on” and asks for more- and that’s a big deal for me because it keeps me inspired and exhilarated to keep going in for more of those long and seemingly endless sessions in my studio.

In my honest opinion, what the Ravenworks keyboard adds to the equation of my music production is best described as a ‘paradigm shifter’ or a ‘game changer’.

If anyone would have ever told me I could sit behind a keyboard and experience the same range of sensitivity I could experience behind an acoustic piano; I would’ve laughed and said “get outta here.” After six months with the Ravenworks keyboard I’d gladly eat those words, and instead say to you very seriously, “get one”.

Thank you Ravenworks- eating my own words has never been more delicious!"

"No longer having to fight with the instrument allows me to express myself more fully. The sound is absolutely amazing."