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The Studio Model I is a modified VPC1. This is the closest thing to owning a Ravenscroft Piano® – we challenge you to prove us wrong.

Our Studio Model I stands alone as a Soft Matte Cobalt Blue keyboard with Pearl Essence White logos…an Edgy unique look for your VPC1.

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Each Studio Model I we sell has endured a rigorous 40-hour multi-step process to produce the feel that many have come to expect from Ravenworks. Our aim is to provide a seamless interface for your expression, freeing your focus from the mechanics of your playing.

We understand the natural limitations that come with owning an acoustic piano – issues like space limits, sound level considerations, tuning instability, cost of ownership and maintenance, etc. After much prompting and careful consideration, we made the decision to provide a solution. The artisans that design and build the critically-acclaimed Ravenscroft Piano have put their efforts into bringing the Ravenscroft experience to the digital realm utilizing a virtual piano controller that has significantly raised the bar in its own industry in terms of action and responsiveness.

Quality MIDI Controllers and Piano VIs are allowing engineers to capture captivating piano tracks without the need for everything that comes with owning and maintaining an acoustic piano.

Children who find their passion for the piano at early ages can now build the muscle memory and techniques that will cultivate greater sensitivity in their playing, which will directly translate once they are able to play on a traditional, acoustic piano.

College piano majors will find having a quality controller in their dorm room, invaluable.

What We Do to Modify the Kawai VPC1

  • Sizing of Key Pin & Balance Rail Bushings
  • Addition of Quality Piano Key-End Felt
  • Custom Key Dip
  • Squaring, Spacing, & Leveling of Keys
  • Proprietary Precision Friction Analysis & Weight Placement Determination
  • Proprietary Bismuth Key Weighting Procedure
  • The Manufacturing of Our Bismuth Weights
  • Key Weight Installation Procedure


  • davidesaveri@gmail.com
  • job@davidsalvatori.com
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